Network Peering for a New Era

We help Canadian enterprises plan their network and telecommunications architectures through our expertise, settlement-free peering planning and internet transit negotiation services.


  • Network Architecture Development
  • Internet Transit Negotiation & Brokerage
    • CN2 (ChinaNet 2) GT / GIA & Access (163) Brokerage for China
  • IPv6 Readiness Planning
  • Settlement-Free Peering Brokerage
  • ARIN/RIPE/APNIC/AfriNIC Numbering Resource Allocation
  • 3rd Party IP/Numbering Resource Acquisition
  • Internet Exchange (IXP) Interconnect Brokerage
  • RPKI Filter & Secure Border Gateway Protocol Implementation
  • Anycast Network Development
  • Denial-of-Service (L3/L7) Prevention & Mitigation
  • ICP License Acquisition (Mainland China) for e-Commerce